What car did James Bond drive?

Triumph Stag

Triumph Stag, 1970

  • Manufacturer: Triumph
  • Model: Stag, Mark I
  • Variant:
  • Years manufactured: 1970-1977
  • Type: convertible
  • Origin: UK

Diamonds Are Forever


In Diamonds Are Forever, diamond smuggler Peter Franks driving a Triumph Stag is detained by Customs Officers at the ferryport in Dover, England


James Bond goes undercover as Peter Franks, driving his Triumph Stag onto a cross-Channel hovercraft



Diamonds Are Forever was filmed between April 1971 and September 1971; the car that Bond commandeers at the Dover ferryport is a right-hand drive Mark I Triumph Stag with British registration plate RVC 435H.

The car used in movie production was an Early Mark I model supplied by Triumph. Chassis number LD14 indicates that this car was a pre-production model typically loaned by Triumph to the press for publicity and reviews, etc.