What car did James Bond drive?

Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport, 2006

  • Manufacturer: Land Rover
  • Model: Range Rover, third generation
  • Variant: Sport HSE (High Specification Equipment)
  • Years manufactured: 2002-2012
  • Type: SUV
  • Origin:UK

Casino Royale


In Casino Royale, while in the Bahamas, James Bond is mistaken for a valet at a hotel and is asked by guests to park their Range Rover Sport


James Bond deliberately crashes the Range Rover Sport into another parked vehicle



Much of Casino Royale is set and was filmed on location on New Providence Island in the Bahamas; the Range Rover Sport used in filming was a left-hand drive model with Bahamas registration plate 161138. From its badging the Range Rover appears to be a 2006 year Sport HSE (High Specification Equipment) model.

Quantum Of Solace


In Quantum of Solace, while James Bond is on assignment in La Paz, Bolivia, he drives a Range Rover Sport to an ecological fund-raising party being held by Dominic Greene 


Bond pulls-up in the Range Rover Sport at the venue where Doninin Greene is hosting his event


Intent on investigating Greene's land acquistions, Bond drives the Range Rover Sport into the Bolivian desert where he trades the car for a Douglas DC-3 plane


The second half of Quantum Of Solace is set in Bolivia, but the scenes set in La Paz were filmed on location in Panama City, Panama, and the desert scenes were filmed in Chile and in Baja, California (the airstrip scene).  The Range Rover Sport used in filming was left-hand drive and appears to be a 2008 year model based on the wheels fitted.