What car did James Bond drive?

Range Rover Cabriolet

Range Rover Cabriolet, 1980

  • Manufacturer: Land Rover
  • Model: Range Rover, first generation
  • Variant: 3-door, with conversion by Rapport into their 'Huntsman' cabriolet model
  • Years manufactured: 1970-1996
  • Type: convertible
  • Origin: UK



In Octopussy, James Bond drives a Range Rover Cabriolet to an equestrian event being held at a military airbase in a Latin American country


Bond's accomplice, Bianca, drives the Range Rover Cabriolet as they make their escape while Bond shoots at a pursuing truck



The opening scene of Octopussy is set at a military airbase in an unidentified Latin American country, but was filmed on location at RAF Northolt near Ruislip, England; the Range Rover Cabriolet used in filming was a left-hand drive model with registration plate R4641. The origin of the Range Rover used in the making of Octopussy is unknown. It is a rare conversion of the 3-door Range Rover done by British specialist coachbuilder Rapport Ltd.