What car did James Bond drive?

Lotus Esprit

Lotus Esprit, 1976

  • Manufacturer: Lotus
  • Model: Esprit, Series 1 (Type 79)
  • Variant:
  • Years manufactured: 1976-1978
  • Type: coupe
  • Origin: UK

The Spy Who Loved Me


While on assignment in Sardinia, Italy, James Bond is issued a Lotus Esprit by MI6's Q Branch


Bond and Anya Amasova are chased by villians in a helicopter, causing Bond to drive his Lotus Esprit off a jetty and into the sea


Once submerged, Bond activtes controls that convert the Lotus Espit into a submarine


Much of the movie The Spy Who Loved Me was set in Sardinia, Italy, with many scenes filmed on location there between August 1976 and January 1977. In the movie, Q Branch issues Bond a right-hand drive Lotus Esprit with British registration plate PPW 306R.

The car used in filming these scenes was a 1976 Series 1 (Type 79) Lotus Esprit. In the movie the car transforms into a submarine.