What car did James Bond drive?

Lincoln Mark VII

Lincoln Mark VII, 1987

  • Manufacturer: Lincoln (a division of Ford)
  • Model: Mark VII (sixth generation)
  • Variant: LSC (Luxury Sports Coupe)
  • Years manufactured: 1984-1992
  • Type: coupe
  • Origin: USA

Licence To Kill


After serving as the best man at Felix Leiter's wedding in Florida, USA, James Bond arrives at Key West International airport driving a rented Lincoln


Bond is planning to leave and retrieves his luggage from the Lincoln



The opening part of the movie Licence To Kill is set and was filmed largely on location in the Florida Keys, Florida, USA. Bond is seen driving a rented Lincoln with USA registration plate YNP 990.

The car used in filming these scenes was a 1987 Lincoln Mark VII, Luxury Sports Coupe (LSC) model.