What car did James Bond drive?

Lincoln Continental Convertible

Lincoln Continental Convertible, 1965

  • Manufacturer: Lincoln (a division of Ford)
  • Model: Continental, fourth generation
  • Variant: four-door convertible
  • Years manufactured: 1961-1969
  • Type: convertible
  • Origin: USA



On assignment on New Providence Island in The Bahamas, James Bond rents a Lincoln Continental to drive to Largo's estate Palmyra


Bond drives the Lincoln Continental to the beach to meet Domino scuba-diving, but is followed by one of Largo's henchmen



Much of Thunderball is set and was filmed on location on New Providence Island in The Bahamas between February 1965 and July 1965. The car that bond rents is a Lincoln Continental.

The car used in filming was a 1965 model four-door convertible Lincoln Continental.