What car did James Bond drive?

Ford Edge

Ford Edge, 2008

  • Manufacturer: Ford
  • Model: Edge, first generation
  • Variant: SEL
  • Years manufactured: 2007-2014
  • Type: SUV crossover
  • Origin: USA

Quantum Of Solace


James Bond commandeers a Ford Edge from Dominic Greene's desert base to ferry Greene into the remote Bolivian desert 


After leaving Greene in the desert, Bond drives the hydrogen-powered Ford Edge into a small Bolivian town


In the commandeered Ford Edge, Bond drops-off Camille at a railway station in the small Bolivian town


The Bolivian desert scenes of Quantum of Solace were filmed in neighbouring Chile. The Ford Edge commandeered by Bond has Bolivian registration plate TTR7192 and quite visible "Hydrogen" badging suggesting it is a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle - in keeping with the theme of the movie.

In 2007 Ford exhibited a hydrogen-powered concept version of the Edge based on their HySeries Drive hybrid hydrogen fuel cell system, but Ford didn't take the concept into production. It is clear from other badges on the vehicle that the car used in filming Quantum Of Solace was a standard petrol-powered 2008 Ford Edge SEL.