What car did James Bond drive?

Citroen 2CV6

Citroen 2CV6, 1981

  • Manufacturer: Citroen
  • Model: 2CV6
  • Variant: Club
  • Years manufactured: 1948-1990
  • Type: saloon
  • Origin: France

For Your Eyes Only


Melina Havelock has her Citroen 2CV parked near Hector Gonzales' Spanish home as she observes James Bond's visit


Melina aids Bond's escape from Gonzales henchmen in her 2CV, but she over-turns the car in a desperate chase through a local village


After righting the car, Bond gets behind the wheel and drives Melina's Citroen 2CV; as the chase progresses along narrow roads, through villages and olive groves the car becomes increasingly damaged


Scenes in the Bond movie For Your Eyes Only that were set in Spain were largely filmed on location in Corfu, Greece; this includes the famous car chase featuring a Citroen 2CV with registration plate M 1026 A.

The car used in filming was a 1980 or 1981 Citroen 2CV6 Club, which as standard had a 602cc engine (hence the "6" designation in the model name), but for the movie was fitted with a flat-four engine from the Citroen GS which provided twice the power of the original engine. We have found no information on how many 2CVs were used in the filming of For Your Eyes Only.