What car did James Bond drive?


BMW Z8, 1999

  • Manufacturer: BMW
  • Model: Z8, E52 (third generation Z model)
  • Variant: 
  • Years manufactured: 2000-2003
  • Type: convertible
  • Origin: Germany

The World Is Not Enough


While at Castle Thane, MI6's headquarters in Scotland, James Bond is issued a BMW Z8 by Q Branch


Bond drives his BMW Z8 through a forest in Azerbaijan going to the site of Elektra King's oil pipeline


Bond drives his BMW Z8 to Valentine Zukovsky's caviar factory on the waterfront in Baku, Azerbaijan


Partly set and filmed in Azerbaijan, the Bond movie The World Is Not Enough featured a left-hand drive 1999 pre-production BMW Z8 with British registration plate V354 FMP.

BMW first produced the Z8 in March 2000 and at the time of filming The World Is Not Enough in the first half of 1999, BMW only had a prototype shell and a running test car ready, so they supplied the studio with the shell and designs to make replica cars. Two full cars and one shell were made for the film by the studio's prop-shop. Bodywork was moulded from BMW's prototype shell and kit cars were used for the running-gear. The shell car was destroyed during filming; one of the surviving kit-cars remained in the possession of the film production company and the other went into private ownership.

According to auctioneer Christie's catalogue, when they sold the kit-car in 2012 it featured black interior; 350 Chevrolet V8 ZZ4 crate motor; Tremec 5 speed manual gear box; Jaguar front and rear suspension; hydraulically operated disc and drum brakes with discs on the front and inboard discs on the rear.