What car did James Bond drive?

BMW 750iL

BMW 750iL, 1997

  • Manufacturer: BMW
  • Model: 7 Series, E38 (third generation model)
  • Variant: 750iL
  • Years manufactured: 1994-2001
  • Type: saloon
  • Origin: Germany

Tomorrow Never Dies


James Bond is issued a BMW 750iL by Q Branch after it is delivered in a crate to Bond while he is on an assignment in Germany


Bond in his BMW 750iL is followed into a car park


Villains attempt to break into Bond's BMW 750iL, but are foiled by the car's unique defence features


Much of Tomorrow Never Dies is set in Hamburg, Germany; these scenes were filmed in Germany and in England (the famous carpark scene was filmed in a shopping centre carpark in Golders Green, North London). Bond is issued a left-hand drive BMW 7 Series which has German registration plate B MT2144.

The cars used in filming were 1997 BMW E38 (third generation) 740iLs but re-badged as the 750iL. Sixteen of these cars were supplied by BMW for production of the movie. They were modified so they could be driven from the backseat by a hidden stunt-driver, making it appear that Bond actor Pierce Brosnan was controlling the car using his mobile phone.


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