What car did James Bond drive?

Audi 200 Avant

Audi 200 Avant, 1986

  • Manufacturer: Audi
  • Model: 200 Avant, C3 (third generation)
  • Variant:
  • Years manufactured: 1982-1991
  • Type: station wagon
  • Origin: Germany

 "Avant" is the name given by Audi to station wagon versions of its vehicles.

The Living Daylights


While on assignment in Tangier, Morocco, James Bond in the guise of a journalist drives an Audi 200 Avant


James Bond drives the Audi 200 Avant through the back-streets of Tangier


Bond uses his guise of a journalist to access a conference in Tangier, Morocco


Some scenes of The Living Daylights were set and filmed in Tangier, Morocco; the Audi 200 Avant used in filming was a left-hand drive model with registration plate 5196 33. This appears to be a standard third-generation 1986 model Audi 200 Avant.