What car did James Bond drive?

AMC Hornet

AMC Hornet, 1974

  • Manufacturer: American Motors Corporation (AMC)
  • Model: Hornet
  • Variant: X
  • Years manufactured: 1969-1977
  • Type: coupe
  • Origin: USA

AMC was acquired by Chrysler in 1987.

The Man With The Golden Gun


While on assignment in Thailand, James Bond commandeers an AMC Hornet from a car dealership by driving it out of the showroom


Bond in the commandeered AMC Hornet chases villain Francisco Scaramanga


James Bond uses a ramp to jump the AMC Hornet across a river, doing a spiral roll while airborne


Part of The Man With The Golden Gun is set and was filmed in Bangkok, Thailand; the AMC Hornet used in filming these scenes is a left-hand drive 1974 Hornet X Hatchback in matador-red. It has no registration plate in the film. At least two Hornets were used in the making of the Man With The Golden Gun: a standard model fitted with 14x6 inch Cragar S/S wheels; and a specially prepared model used for the jump sequence. The stunt car was significantly modified, with a redesigned chassis to place the steering wheel in the center and a lower stance, as well as larger wheel wells compared to the stock Hornet.

The spiral roll stunt was filmed in a single take without visual or computer effects - it was done in a real car by a real driver. The stunt was inspired and adapted from an AMC-sponsored car show that performed at fairs around the US in 1975 called Jay Milligan's American Thrill Show. Milligan's J.M. Productions company supplied the stunt drivers used in making the movie.